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Winter Moon

by Lisa Forrest and David Mussen

Winter Moon was inspired by Arctic Owl & Winter Moon, a fantastic watercolor created by artist Charles Burchfield, combined with a poem that I wrote back in 2006 called “Sleep Song.” The extremely talented David Mussen composed the music, and along with Jonathan’s amazing sound engineering — helped to paint this very dream-like piece.

Lisa Forrest: Vocals
Jonathan Hughes: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Rob Lynch: Drums
David Mussen: Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet, Glockenspiel
Sally Fehskens: Background Vocals




The hawks circle over us
the snow trees bend and weep
words float and dive
frantic in your sleep

when you unlock your doors
and you wander about
it’s only a dream
flailing from your mouth

the hawks circle over us
the snow trees bend and weep
echoing your name
in a land strange and deep

wrapped tender in a voice
holding your cold hand
along the frozen gravel road
across field stretched land

where the sky washes gold
over fear and doubt heaped
and the hawks cry and swoop
catching dreams not made to keep

pile them high in the sky
the long white sky

open your eyes
hear the wings wide sweep
open your eyes

how much we can see
fall with me and forget
fall with me and sleep



All songs ©2013